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Turkey Family Halloween Costumes 2014

So the leaves are starting to change and I’m now into Halloween costume mode. I have always loved dressing up for Halloween but seriously, FAMILY HALLOWEEN COSTUMES! Eek. Nerdy seamstress, crafty excited. This year we are going to be be….

Wreck It Ralph | Dad

Fix It Felix | Baby B

Vanellope Von Schweetz | Mama

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1 year old <3

August 28, 2014

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Infographic: Why Corporations Want Our Public Schools

This is the precise reason, we will avoid public/ charter schools at all costs for Baby Benton. I don’t agree with how and what they are teaching everyday.

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Our little monster didn’t get any teeth until NOW. In the past 10 days, 7 teeth have broken through. Benton Rusty Steele is now our Snaggletooth Man. <3

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Some July 4th matching family outfits! <3 

Our 3 Year Anniversary!

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Momma’s Boy with his coffee can drum that he loves.

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Father&#8217;s Day floating on Raystown Lake. So lucky to have this man as the father of my child. &lt;3

Father’s Day floating on Raystown Lake. So lucky to have this man as the father of my child. <3

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To have a full time job or not….??

I’m at this weird intersection in my life. I have this opportunity to apply for sort of a dream director job at my alum. Its a pretty amazing opportunity but I just can’t seem to justify the timing… I am so looking forward to the next three months of watching Baby Benton in the garden and taking his first steps. I know this position will require me to be away from him 35+ hours a week. I feel selfish for wanting to apply for the position knowing I’m going to miss mommy and me time with him. We have a good thing going. We are financially comfortable. We don’t want for anything. However, the second income would completely change the dynamics of what we could have going on here at the farm. We have so many dreams and projects that require capital to make happen. I pride myself of sourcing things as locally and effectively as possible but its a big waiting game this way. The salary would mean another salary for a nanny plus extra every month to put towards the greenhouse or rain collection or wind turbine or outdoor shower………

Crossing my fingers that some sign shows up in the world to sway me one way or the other. The tension of this question in my mind in distracting.

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This Mom Does NOT Teach Her Kids To Share.
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Men judge us
by our broad
hips and forget
their birthplace.

Huntingdon Birth Initiative

I’m very proud to be part of something very new for our area. A friend, Emily, beautiful soul Midwife-in-training, gathered a group of more natural minded moms the other afternoon. It was random spontaneous and beautiful. Hearing Janine’s first home birth story brings goosebumps to my body still at this instant. What a strong beautiful woman! Jessica was also a refreshing mom to meet; it was nice not to be the strongest most passionate personality in the bunch. Recollecting about this encounter makes me wander what everyone’s zodiac signs are… But I diverge.

The whole point of meeting up and what we talked most about was creating a public meeting group that focuses on childbirth in general. We are all sort of onboard to being the start to such a group. I am with Emily in believing any little bit of education for mom’s in this area is beyond helpful. 

If you happen to live in good ol Huntingdon County, PA. Here is the link for the group. Hopefully we get an agenda and schedule together at our next meeting.

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Nothing to buy here, move along.

Nothing to buy here, move along.

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The Creation of a Mother

You know we are the only mammals with a plan

Still our most exhilarating journeys start unexpected

Just one tiny egg and some good swimmers

And we wake up at a major intersection

At first is as if nothing really has changed

You mind is still staring in awe

This all can’t be real

Like the wonder of a spinning top that won’t stop

How is this all going to fall in place

We need names

We need things

And we most certainly need more space

For months you grow, expand and change

A new body each day

A new rollercoaster in very way

Impatiently waiting to reach the safe range

All of sudden it’s the main event

On August 28, 2013,  I met Benton Rusty Steele

And understood what my mother meant

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